No divorce or breakup is fun and there is always heartache for both sides. After a year of licking my wounds I decided to take all the stuff my ex left and sell it to the highest bidder. Most of his old stuff I threw out, but selling a few of his old things will surely heal some of the hurt that seems to be lingering. I am not a bitter ex-wife and still have a place in my heart for him...but storing his leftovers is no longer my responsibility. His loss is your gain. Hopefully this will be a healthy outlet for a scar that is still trying to heal, or better yet...I can make a few bucks out of the items he didn't want to take when he left. If you see something you like, send me an email and we can discuss prices and terms. If you would like to put up some of your exes' leftovers on my site just email me at I have learned along the way that keeping their old leftovers just makes it that much harder to move on. It's time I move prayers are with all of you who are trying to move on as well.